• What We Do.

    GO-Adventures provides teambuilding and adventure instruction for youth and adults in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC - www.go-adventures.comProviding team building and adventure instruction for youth and adults in the DC metropolitan area, GO-Adventures specializes in experience-based training for both individuals and groups. From recreational climbing activities to goals-driven team development initiatives, GO-Adventures will design a program that exceeds your expectations.


    GO-Adventures provides teambuilding and adventure instruction for youth and adults in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC - www.go-adventures.com

    GO-Adventures provides a variety of high quality team development options for youth or adult groups, both on-site at one of our 4 ropes challenge courses in the Maryland/Virginia/DC Metropolitan area, or at a location near you. Every team building program is designed to fit the goals of your group, and we can create an experience that will fit your budget.

    Adventure Instruction

    GO-Adventures provides teambuilding and adventure instruction for youth and adults in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC - www.go-adventures.com

    Participants in a GO-Adventures Adventure Instruction program not only learn the basics of the adventure activity, but also gain new levels of trust, and enhanced communication. We train our adventure guides to not only teach the skills of their sport, but also to read the dynamics of the group and alter the instructional program accordingly.

    GO Club – Adventures for Individuals

    go club - monthly adventure club for individuals in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC - http://go-adventures.com/go-clubBeginning the first week of August, GO-Adventures introduces the GO Club – an adventure club that offers a different adventure activity every week! The program is designed to pair individuals with others until the group can make the four participant minimum. Since there is a set date for each activity, our hope is that it will be much easier for individuals to get together. In addition, the GO Club adventure club members are given 15% off of the price of each activity, making it even easier to come out for an adventure!

  • Each Group is Unique.

    With that in mind, we will work with you to select and refine a teambuilding or adventure instruction program that is the right fit for your organization. Not every activity is appropriate for every group, so taking the time to learn about your group’s particular needs will help us to deliver a great program.

    Corporate Groups

    Choose from a wide array of programs – budget-oriented energizers to high end corporate events. GO-Adventures partners with you to design an event that exceeds your expectations.

    Non-Profit Organizations

    Budget-conscious programs for adult and youth groups. Designed to pack a punch without tapping your bank account.

    Government Agencies

    Supporting both public agencies and civilian contractors, GO-Adventures provides a variety of team development and enrichment programs for small and large government agency groups.

    Schools & Universities

    Students of all ages can benefit from our school and university programs, each designed to build trust, camaraderie and improved communication.


    Adventure is in our name, and our Scout programs are designed to deliver either a recreational outdoor adventure, or a merit badge focused instructional experience.

    Summer Camps & Recreation Programs

    Whether your goal is just a fun day with friends, or you’d like to offer your participants a more in depth instructional program, GO-Adventures will design a camp or recreation program that brings them back!

    Individuals & Meetups

    Want to meet other people who love adventure? GO-Adventures offers OPEN Day for Individuals, and discount programs for Meetups and other social groups. Join a group that is forming, or bring 4 or more friends out and you can reserve a date just for you!

    Gift Certificate for Adventure!

    Experience Gifts are the perfect fit for your outdoor enthusiast!

    Adventure Gift Certificates by GO-Adventures - www.go-adventures.com - Experience Gifts for Everyone!

  • About Us

    About Us

    Eriq Powers, founder of GO-Adventures, has been a team building facilitator and adventure guide since 1992. Since starting GO-Adventures in 2001, Eriq has been fine-tuning his adventure programs for maximum benefit to his clients. Many of the games and initiatives used in the Portable Team Challenge are used exclusively in GO-Adventures programs. The adventure instruction programs are giving urban youth an opportunity to experience nature and adventure outside of the city – getting them out of their environment and into the woods. The top-roping anchors clinic is helping local climbers become safer climbers and our caving program has been highlighted in The Washington Post, Audubon News, Men’s Journal Magazine and Rolling Stone.

    GO-Adventures is small enough to give a personal experience to each and every client, yet large enough to give multiple opportunities – we have something for everyone!

    Method of Pricing

    Our Method of Pricing

    “We understand that every group and every program is unique. With this in mind, our pricing structure is not ‘set in stone,’ but rather adaptable for your group’s goals, time restrictions and budget.

    Our goal as a company is to provide a high quality team building or adventure instruction program at a fair price. If we are unable to provide a service within your budget, it is because attempting to do so would lessen the value of what we are offering – and we don’t think this would benefit our clients or our staff. We believe that our team building and adventure instruction programs are extremely valuable, and as such, are worth the price that we charge (if not more!).

    Our Promise

    Our Promise

    GO-Adventures provides opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in high quality team building programs and adventure sports instruction. The goal is a positive experience through a mixture of teamwork, fun and education.

    We feel that people learn and develop from overcoming challenges – our programs are designed to give participants enough challenge to stretch their limits, with enough guidance and instruction to expand them.

    Over the years, we have seen clients from a variety of backgrounds and populations – from elementary school students to corporate managers. Many clients in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area have benefited from our team building challenges and adventure sports instruction. We invite you to become another satisfied customer.” – Eriq Powers, Founder

  • FAQs

    What size groups do you work with?

    We offer programs for groups of 4 to 500 participants. Regardless of the number of participants, our goal is a high quality program that meets your goals and budget.

    Are your team building and adventure sports instruction programs customizable for our group?

    We have a number of team building and adventure sports instruction programs that are pre-designed and have been successful with many groups over the years, however, we always design your programs around your specific needs, incorporating your desired outcomes.

    Do you travel to deliver teambuilding and adventure instruction?

    We do travel to offer our quality team building and adventure sports instruction anywhere in the world. In December we’ll travel to Dominican Republic to facilitate a teambuilding event, and in January we’ll be in Norway! If our facilitators must travel more than 3 hours to your destination, we generally suggest overnight accommodations, transportation, and food expenses. We want your event to be the best that it can be, and if your facilitator has just traveled for more than 3 hours to meet you, they may not be at their best!

    What are your rates?

    Because we offer such a wide range of activities, we must in turn offer a wide range of prices. The range is due to experience of the facilitator, the number and type of participants and the program being delivered. General pricing for a single-day activity ranges from $55 per person for our most basic not-for-profit team building program, to $175 per person for our high-end corporate event. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your particular group and activity.

    GO-Adventures frequently offers its services at a greatly reduced rate for groups that could not otherwise take part in these activities. Our mission is to provide our services to everyone, regardless of economic background, and whenever possible, we do try to accommodate these populations, either at great discount, or in exchange for work on special service projects. Please contact us if your organization falls under this restriction and we will see what we can do!

    Do you offer discounts?

    We always offer discounts for youth programs and not-for-profit organizations. Additionally, we offer discounts for large groups and for multiple program dates. Our multiple day contracts with schools and summer camps are offered at deep discounts. We prefer to work with organizations over time, and offer discounts for repeat customers. This leads to a deeper understanding of your needs and a long-lasting relationship that is beneficial for everyone involved.

    Where are you located?

    GO-Adventures has multiple venues to serve your teambuilding and adventure instruction needs. In addition, we can travel to you, or to a location in your area to provide a portable teambuilding or adventure program. Contact us and let us know what activities you are interested in, and we’ll show you where we can deliver them!

    How much advance notice do you need to reserve and plan a team building or adventure sports program?

    We frequently book last minute programs, and specialize in running high quality programs at a moment’s notice. However, some of our programs DO have some minimum logistical requirements. We prefer as much advance notice as possible in order to design a program that will be exactly what you are looking for. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

    Why should we choose GO-Adventures over any other program?

    We are continuously working to fine-tune our skills as facilitators, striving to be the best at our craft. Team building and adventure training is our passion, and we believe strongly in our ability to provide a fun, challenging and beneficial experience for your participants. GO-Adventures provides a high quality program at a fair price. We are very specific in what we offer, and do not advertise something that we do not provide. To that end, we will frequently send people to other excellent providers if there is someone that we believe would better serve their needs. However, if you are looking for what we offer, you need look no further!